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psychological term – explication

September 30th, 2009

According to the terminology of Immanuel Kant psychological terms are regulative terms (see Kant quotation 4). It makes sense to call such terms regulative terms. These terms are schemes (see Kant quotation 7) under which we conceive appearances and can communicate with each other about the ideas (information) meant by these terms. For example if someone […]

regulative conception

September 28th, 2009

Immnuel Kant calls certain terms regulative concepts. A psychological idea is a regulativ concept. Such terms regulate the information people arrive at in communication. For example in a psychiatric interview a professional doing the investigation arrives a certain terms representing certain psycho-pathological phenomena. By listening to the person by talking to the person and hearing what the person says and […]

Bleuler quotation

September 17th, 2009

Eugen Bleuler`s son Manfred Bleuler, a fellow psychiatrist, wrote in the “Lehrbuch der Psychiatrie” ( 14th edition, 1979) “Because of this reason the initial description “Dementia praecox” proved to be unacceptable. Therefore, in 1911, E. Bleuler replaced it with schizophrenia (“Schizophrenie=Spaltunsirresein”), because it seemed that the most basic mental disturbances are caused by a lack of […]

“PROBABILITY – EXPLANATION OF PROBABILITY – DIFFERENCE OF PROBABILITY TO APPEARANCE – MATHEMATICAL  AND  PHILOSOPHICAL PROBABILITY  “…In probability the reason for holding a thing to be true is objectively valid, in mere appearance it is subjectively valid. … ….  Appearance is a variable of persuasion, probability is an approximation of certainty. In probability there always has to […]

Griesinger quotation

September 3rd, 2009

Wilhelm Griesinger (b.1817 d.1886), German neurologist, psychiatrist, and specialist for internal medicine who produced the first psychiatric nosology based on psychological phenomena, stated in the sixth chapter of his book „Pathologie und Therapie der Psychischen Krankheiten“ (Pathology and Therapy of Mental Disorders): “A classification of psychiatric diseases according to anatomical deviations in the brain is […]

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